• On-site parking is only available with an event issued parking pass
  • ABSOLUTELY NO camping is allowed in the general parking area or anywhere on the venue except in the driver pit area for racers only.
  • NO ALCOHOL is permitted in the parking area
  • No pets allowed in parking area (service animals excepted).
  • 10/hr. maximum speed limit in parking area.
  • All backpacks, purses or other bags/coolers will be checked at the entry gate by event staff. Absolutely no alcohol is permitted to enter the venue.
  • No bicycles, scooters, roller skates, rollerblades, etc. will be allowed past the admission gate into the venue for the safety of all patrons.
  • Absolutely no pets are allowed. (Service Animals Excepted).
  • No motorized vehicles including motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, ATV etc. are allowed.
  • The following behaviors are deemed unacceptable and will result in being removed from the event:
    • Abuse of intoxicants,
    • Disorderly conduct, fighting, profanity,
    • Smoking in grandstands,
    • Spitting tobacco,
    • Throwing or kicking objects,
    • Any other actions deemed inappropriate, offensive or disruptive, especially to the safety and well-being of event Patrons, Racers, Volunteers and Staff.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in suspension from the Provost Northern Nationals Drag Races indefinitely. In no instance will a refund be issued to those who have been expelled from the races.


Vehicle Rules:

  • One single (18 ft wide) parking space is provided in the pit parking area with each race entry. A maximum of three (3) non-race vehicles and/or trailers permitted in each parking space.
  • Race entries are limited to one golf cart or regular ATV for towing AND it must be registered with the track AT THE TIME you enter the race grounds with your Racer.
  • Decals will be issued and must be affixed and visible on tow vehicle.
  • DO NOT bring dirt bikes, ATV or go-carts, etc. unless it is your designated pit vehicle. You must have a valid driver’s license to drive a pit vehicle and wear a helmet where required by law.   All drivers must be 16 years or older, junior dragsters are omitted from this rule.
  • Competitors are required to wear helmets and must keep helmet on when coming up the return road as well as seat belts or safety harnesses. All pit vehicle drivers who are towing a race entry back to the pit area must also wear helmets while going down to the top end and all the way back up the return road until they reach ticket booth.
  • Helmet laws are in effect and will be strictly enforced by the OPP.
  • A motor home towing the race car trailer can enter at no extra charge. If you want to tow in with anything else AND bring a motor home in as well you MUST have the motor home with you when you purchase your driver and pit crew bracelets and park. A regular motor home charge will apply.
  • Tow-vehicles and race cars in the pit area only! Saving pit spaces will not be allowed.
  • Any rider/driver or crew member or person in association with a rider/driver or crew member who is considered to be under the influence of any drug, alcohol or any judgment impairing substance will be expelled from the race and escorted off the premises – along with the entire crew and vehicle associated with the offender.
  • Violators endangering others with reckless and inconsiderate driving habits (whether it is in/on a race vehicle or a pit vehicle) will be expelled from the race facility with the entire crew and race vehicle without a refund.
  • Race cars are for RACING only.

Camping Rules

  • Camping on-site at the Northern Nationals is reserved for racers only.
  • Weekend wristbands are required for everyone (driver and pit crew) in the pit parking/camping area after 9 pm each night. All others will be asked to leave the area.
    • Bottles, or glass containers of ANY kind,
    • Fireworks,
    • Campfires or other fires,
    • Anything that may disturb or put any Racers, Patrons, Volunteers or Staff at risk.
  • Any personal alcoholic beverages are to be kept and consumed at your own camp site. Absolutely NO BOTTLES allowed.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and are only allowed to be in personal camping area. Pets are not allowed outside of the camping area.
  • Quiet hours start at 11pm and this is strictly enforced by the OPP.
  • A quiet-time noise-free policy is in effect from 11 pm until 7am. No generators, no cars running, and no loud music after 11 pm.

Rain Out Policy:

  • Rain-out policy: In case of a rain-out, at any time of the rain-out, the first prize money in every class will be drawn from the remaining eligible racers. In the classes of Super Pro and Semi Pro, there will be four names drawn. In the classes of Street, Motorcycles and Drag Sleds, and Junior there will be only two drawn.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in suspension from the Provost Northern Nationals Drag Races indefinitely. In no instance will a refund be issued to those who have been expelled from the races.